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Eightiesology is Moving!

But you won’t notice it. Eightiesology Headquarters is (finally) moving from its crammed quarters in the hills of Verona, NJ to a spacious home in Rockaway, NJ. There, Eightiesology will often be created from a comfy alcove in a basement of fun, surrounded by many of its long-stored-away souvenirs and memorabilia and a very large television. The search for a new home took many long and winding roads and some dead ends but we’re finally achieving the American dream: more debt!

Interesting trivia: I lived in the same town in all of the ’80s and ’90s (except for semesters at college). However, since 2000 this will be the third town I will have lived in (and the third different county). I mentioned to my wife that my finely-tuned nostalgic mind has really started to see that purchasing a home is going to have a lot to do with providing a backdrop for creating our own memories as well as possibly those for future offspring. (Maybe one day my offspring will create a Tensology blog.) In that regard, I feel like I’ve arrived full circle. This next step is scary, exciting and everything in between but I’m anxious to start acting out tomorrow’s nostalgia.

I still have hundreds of Eightiesology ideas in my brain that I’m going to roll out in the New Year. (And I may sneak in a special ’80s Christmas mix before the end of ’08.) I am not going anywhere. Nostalgia and reconnecting with old friends has been a fantastic way to offset the miseries and frustrations of life in the often-brutal working world. Hopefully I can provide escape and entertainment for others like me, too.

Because if you want something bad, yo, you gotta wanna give your all….


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